Cosmetic Surgery is becoming more popular in the World despite the recession. One of the reasons for this increase is cosmetic surgery is a lot easier to apply and undergo then ever before. The use of modern specialist equipment is a direct result of the easier operations. However, the main reason for this increase is that more patients are having cosmetic surgery abroad. When compared with the abroad prices, patients are saving up to 70% when they undergo cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

Medical-Travel-Service is a global medical tourism facilitator.

At Medical-Travel-Service, all surgical procedures we provide are performed by “specialist” surgeons who have many years of experience in treating international and local patients. All clinics are certified by professional health bodies and approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health for quality and hygiene standards.

Artificial Insemination IVF & ICSI-Turkey-Antalya IVF works

Normally a woman produces one egg every month.
This egg is released into the fallopian tube where it may be fertilised following sex. The fertilised egg then travels to the womb. If the resulting embryo implants, you will become pregnant.

During IVF, we will stimulate your ovaries to produce a number of eggs. When the eggs are ready, we will collect them from your ovaries using a fine needle. On the same day that your eggs are collected, we will combine the eggs with sperm in our laboratories. The sperm may come from your husband or partner.

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