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Laser eye surgery is currently the most frequently performed elective procedure in the world where a cool beam of light from an excimer laser gently reshapes the front surface (cornea) of your eye. This procedure improves vision and could give you complete freedom from glasses and contact lenses. 


LASEK is an alternative treatment to iLASIKcomprising only one laser to correct your vision, after the surgeon has temporarily folded aside a thin layer of cells to allow access to the cornea.


As no protective flap is created, a protective soft contact lens ‘bandage’ is then worn for around four days following your treatment to provide additional comfort during healing.


LASEK: step-by-step guide


The entire LASEK eye treatment takes only minutes and both eyes can be treated by on the same day.


The healing process is slightly longer than with iLASIK and while many patients can see immediate differences in their vision, it takes a number of days for it to fully settle.


1. LASEK preparation

Anaesthetic drops are applied to the eye to numb the eye and a lid holder is put in place to stabilise your eye.


2. LASEK surface adjustment

The surface of the outer layer of the cornea is gently moved by the surgeon.


3. LASEK vision correction

A laser is used to apply tiny computer controlled pulses of cool laser beams to reshape the outer layer of the cornea to correct your vision.


4. LASEK surface replacement

The surgeon gently replaces the surface layer to its original position.


5. LASEK completion

A protective contact lens ‘bandage’ is placed on to the eye to provide comfort during healing.

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